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Zada 5: Path of the One by R.D. Moreno

Connor Balcazar never expected to have a destiny. Though his family has served the galactic empire for generations, his older brother Adam has always outshone him in combat abilities and natural charisma. The brothers are the best of friends, but Connor is determined to prove himself and master his hidden ability to see the future to assist Emperor Esteban any way he can. Connor gets his chance when the emperor discovers a sinister plot. His brother Lorenzo, a gifted but bitter scientist, has been scheming to take the throne. Using his newly developed weapon, Lorenzo rallies an invincible army against Esteban. The Balcazar brothers can't stand by and let this happen. In a quest that spans all corners of space, Adam seeks out the truth of Lorenzo's experiments, while the emperor's daughters, Christina and Emily, ally to defeat his technology. Meanwhile, Connor visits the mysterious, warlike planet of Zada 5, intending only to train and finally match his brother. But what waits for him on the large mining planet is not just new allies or abilities. A prophecy waits for Connor to fulfill it at last—if he can survive long enough.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: