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Worlds of Eternity by Aaron Hillsbery

Three aspects of magic. Physical. Mental. Astral. There are few who can harness the aether that lies dormant within. Aryssa Mathis, on a secret mission with her colleagues, comes under attack by an enigmatic race in dark armor, known as the Kaljerian Legion. Equipped with advanced technology and a fleet of flying ships, the reason behind the Legion's pursuit remains shrouded in secrecy. The only way for Aryssa to lose her assailants is to travel through an aether vein to the nearest world. On Earth, Michael Weller is heading to his second job when he is suddenly caught in the conflict. Helping Aryssa escape from the Legion, he soon discovers that he is an invoker like her, able to use magic. Intrigued by the organization she represents, the Invoker Corum, Michael makes the fateful decision to join and leaves his ordinary life behind.
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