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Vengeance Becomes Her by Alexis C. Maness

He will regret awakening the monster within me. Cast against a shadowed low fantasy world, this tale of feminine rage, dark magic, and desire follows Rhiannon in her bloody pursuit of vengeance. Death came for Rhiannon disguised as love. She survived, barely. Now, she will do anything to get her revenge and finally claw her way back to herself. But the forces against her are greater and more sinister than one man, and she's not the only one in danger. Fear for the women of Larindia and beyond propels Rhiannon down an increasingly dangerous path that illuminates an insidious evil that has lurked in the shadows of her world as she seeks to stop the man who took everything from her. She will get her retribution, but will her thirst for blood destroy her in the process? Please note this book contains dark themes and explicit content that is meant for adults only. Please find full content advisory on author's social sites. Pick up this book if you like: Morally grey characters Plus-size rep A woman coming into her villain era MMC who’d do anything for her Set to the soundtrack of Evanescence, Ashnikko, Maggie Lindemann, and Valerie Broussard.
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