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Vanishing Bodies by Moses Yuriyvich Mikheyev

“A twisty, satisfyingly unpredictable SF action tale. Even die-hard SF readers won’t see some of the turns coming”—Kirkus Reviews “[An] engrossing ride … [that’s] a meaningful metaphor for all the people one person becomes throughout life: how everyone grows, reinvents, and regenerates, even without special DNA. Mikheyev presents a narrative as malleable as its protagonist: changing genres from chapter to chapter, but always clinging to its core heartfelt message”—IndieReader Many people dream of starting over. For Adam Micah, it is an unending nightmare. On a February morning, a naked young man grabs the New York Times from a woman eating breakfast at a sidewalk cafe, scans the obituaries, uses her revolver to shoot himself, and vanishes. He is Aristotle Zurr-McIntyre, also known as Adam Micah. He discovers he’s a vanisher—someone who disappears when he’s killed, only to resurface elsewhere with nothing but hazy memories. An entity known only as The Wisher is hunting him, and he’s involved in a game he doesn’t understand. Sometimes they shoot him outright. Sometimes, he does it to evade them. But each time, he loses a little more of himself. When he rematerializes in Atlanta, he meets Lilyanne and for the first time, is shown love. In her presence, he is home, and life finally makes sense. But Lilyanne has ties to a past neither one of them knows about…one that could destroy everything. Taking on the boundaries of science, physics, and the catastrophic consequences of immortality, Adam takes a dangerous dive into interpreting mortality, conspiracy, desperation, and his own natural need for answers. For fans of Isaac Asimov, Blake Crouch, Robert Heinlein, and Michael Crichton.
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