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Titan by Robert Kroese

A 2021 Prometheus Award nominee! "Mammon will scratch your itch for cranky libertarian sci-fi. Looking forward to the next part!" - John Carmack, creator of Doom and founder of Armadillo Aerospace "★★★★★ This is a compelling page turner and, once again, Kroese... not only gets the economics of hyperinflation absolutely correct, but, in the best tradition of science fiction, “shows, not tells” the psychology which grips those experiencing it and how rapidly the thin veneer of civilisation can erode when money dies." - John Walker, Founder of Autodesk, Inc., co-author AutoCAD, author The Hacker's Diet, operator of Fourmilab "★★★★★ Kroese did his homework on financial bubbles, panics, mass psychosis, social collapse, cryptocurrency, and hyper-inflation.... [B]etter than Lucifer's Hammer, and spookily realistic." - Hans Schantz, physicist and author of The Hidden Truth "★★★★★ You can see the foundation of the book’s apocalypse in today’s headlines, and that should scare the hell out of anyone. Cannot wait for book two." - T. Cannon, Amazon reviewer By the year 2032, the U.S. federal debt has surpassed $50 trillion. The American empire is on the verge of collapse. An entrepreneur named Kade Kapur has an idea for rescuing the debt-ridden United States: the government will issue stock in a company with exclusive mining rights to an asteroid whose orbit will soon bring it near Earth. The asteroid, which contains $10 trillion in valuable minerals, is officially called 2015 RK 16 Maimonides, but it soon comes to be known by another name: Mammon. Fortunes are made and America seems to have avoided an economic collapse. But when the plan to capture the asteroid goes awry, the sky will fall....
Genre: Science Fiction
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