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It is widely believed that George Crum, a New England short-order cook, invented Potato Chips in 1853. This is wrong - There is no record of the invention of Potato Chips or Crisps, or where they were first cooked. It is also widely accepted within the Potato Chips & Crisps industry that John Boyd opened the first Potato Chips company, in Massachusetts, in 1868. This is also wrong. The oldest Potato Chips brand is still in existence, and began life in Spain, in 1860. The Wonderful World of Chips & Crisps 2020 details everything you want to know about the world's best-selling snack food: How a single snack industry grew to become worth over forty-billion dollars annually. How a man named Herman helped create one of the world's biggest food empires. How a man nicknamed Spud, gave Potato Crisps flavour. How a man named Harvey saved Potato Chips from extinction. And how you can start your own Potato Chips or Crisps company and join nearly four-hundred worldwide manufacturers - All listed in this book. Carefully created Taste Test categories, including texture, crunch, flavour, and even bag design, are utilised, to expertly evaluate 1,000 Potato Chips & Crisps from around the world. Reviewed in an honest and uninfluenced manner, Paul Casella provides a concise reference guide to potential Potato Chips & Crisps buyers everywhere.
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