She broke one Brother's immortality and killed the other by destroying the amethyst chariot stone, but not from the Twenty-five demonic ShapeShifters that were held captive inside the stone itself. Now that Crystal Francois has consumed the Lazurkismurma demons and the entity of "Mastema" the evilest shapeshifter demon to humanity, her reign of terror has just begun. One by one, she will torment, torture, and try to eliminate the rest of her friends and the entire town of Lakeview Falls, including two female detectives that arrive unexpectedly looking for one of their missing undercover cops. Leaving nothing but destruction, Mastema faces off to destroy his now mortal son Jason Warwick, his arch-nemesis Tilly Rice and her Wiccan granddaughter, Simone Carter. Fighting to save Crystal, the powerful ensemble will not stop till they find a way to create a new amethyst stone to vanquish "Mastema" for good. Mastema plans to take over the town, releasing the souls of the Twenty four shifters to roam and enter any human vessel they want. The ultimate sacrifice will have to be made in order to restore Crystal's soul while breaking the Town Curse on Lakeview Falls and saving the rest of humanity from being turned into Shapeshifter demons.
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