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The Settlement’s Cradle by Kyra Gregory

They took them from their homes. They might not be the first to fight back. But can they be the first to win? When Skye is dragged away from home in broad daylight, along with a hundred others, she knows nobody is coming to their rescue. Brought to a place thought to have been uninhabited since the world first ended, they serve one purpose; to colonise the Epizon’s reclaimed lands. Once able to live her life as she wished, even in secret, their every move is now watched, their days spent doing the will of the Governor, caught in the middle of a war between those that brought them there, and the people the land was stolen from. But abiding by the rules has never been Skye’s strong suit and, before long, living beneath the rule of corrupt and violent wardens pushes her to find a way out. One way or another, she’ll be free of this place—even if it means death. If you like headstrong protagonists, enemies to lovers, found family, and tales of rebellion, you will adore this intense, high-stakes series.
Genre: Science Fiction
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