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The Killing of the Cherrywood MP is the second novel in the Karen Andersen series from Amazon Bestselling author Louise Burfitt-Dons. In this addictive and fast-paced contemporary thriller Private Investigator Andersen is once again immersed in the world of radical extremism and about to learn it's as complicated as it is deadly. Jihadi brides return from Syria and deradicalised terrorists are released from prison. In reaction extremist right-wing groups proliferate across Europe. The Labour MP for Cherrywood is found murdered and police look for a lone wolf with a personal vendetta against ISIS. Private Investigator Karen Andersen believes it's not that simple. From the roulette tables of the Ritz to the respectable suburbs of Mainz, she searches for the truth. Does the home to one of Germany's violent neo-Fascist cells hold the vital clue, or does it lie hidden in the leafy English countryside? A desperate search for a Lone Wolf Far Right extremist with a personal vendetta against former ISIS brides. ‘Taut, hardboiled, detailed and funny. This is thriller excellence.’ Charlie Flowers, Convenor of Crime Writers Association, author of Riz Sabir Thrillers series. ‘Starts off like a hissing slow-burning fuse that leads inexorably to a climax of heart-pounding suspense.’ Jared Cade, Murder on the London Underground. ‘London, Syria, Turkey, Frankfurt and Mainz. Great political thriller.’ Trip Fiction
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