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The Finding Machine by Lucy Lyons

HER FATHER’S MYSTERIOUS INVENTION… A 1920s COLD CASE… CAN ALEX FOLLOW THE DOTS TO SOLVE IT? It’s 1998, and Alex Martin’s life is falling apart. She’s fast approaching the big 3-0, with her dreams of making it as an artist in shreds. Her handsome housemate Antony’s moving on to better things while she’s stuck in a dead-end job, touch-typing for a living like a 1950s pool secretary. Then, one grey winter morning, Alex inherits a mysterious invention from her late father that changes everything. The Finding Machine solves mysteries. But the biggest mystery of all lies deep within its wiring — the unsolved disappearance of a little girl, dating back seventy years. What happened to the girl, all those years ago? Who was she? Alex is going to need Antony’s help if she’s to join the dots and solve the case. But as dark family secrets are revealed, will the Finding Machine bring them together…or push them further apart? Full of twists and turns, the Finding Machine is an unputdownable mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. Buy now, and join Alex on the adventure of a lifetime! Lost your loved one? Lost all hope? You need… THE FINDING MACHINE! "The Finding Machine is highly engaging and very inventive, I loved it!" Peter James, international bestseller of the Roy Grace crime novels.
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