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Storm Moon Rising by TJ Green

Shifters are dying. It’s time to hunt. Wolf shifters fight hard, and play harder, and no one does this better than Maverick Hale, the Alpha of the Storm Moon Pack in London. However, when one of his team is found dead in his club, he needs answers—fast. All the evidence suggests a shifter from another pack has killed him, but when other packs across England report deaths, too, he knows that something far darker is happening. Someone, or something, is coming after the shifters. Packs normally keep to themselves, but that has to change if they’re to uncover the truth. Maverick is determined to bring the killer to justice, but he knows his team will need help. Hunter, a headstrong shifter from the Cumbrian pack who feels he has nothing to lose, joins the search. But nothing is at it seems. The more they uncover, the darker the twists become. If you love shifter paranormal mysteries that are low on romance, but filled with non-stop action, great characters, lots of English banter, and plenty of magic, you’ll love the latest urban fantasy series by TJ Green.
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