Starlight’s End by Jace Scott

"Everything I am, and everything I've done, has all led to this." The Starlight is the last remaining magic in the galaxy. Its chosen wielders call themselves the Radiants. Their light has defended the side of purity through the ages. But that was long ago… Now, it is a time of peace, and magic has no place. The era of war and warrior are on the cusp of being forgotten by those who prosper under the tranquility of the United Core. However, not all find comfort in this silence. The freedom fighters of Nova remain on guard and search the star-waves as whispers of an emerging threat lurk in the shadows... Plotting in secret, Imperator Ciroc has rebuilt the forces of the Kren. They are a sinister faction which was thought to be extinguished generations ago during the Mystic Wars. As the last survivor, Ciroc has dedicated his life to returning his bloodline to its rightful dominance. Now with the key to a devastating power in his grasp, Ciroc prepares to unleash his final vengeance against the United Core. They are all that stand in the way of his ascension and reign—or so he thinks... To save the galaxy from Ciroc, an unexpected hero must reignite the power of the Starlight and stand as its only hope... As Nova and the Radiants face their greatest challenge yet, can they find a way to overcome the seemingly insurmountable enemy? Or will the Kren finally bring the Starlight to its end? Expertly weaving futuristic technology and ancient magic with explosive action and no shortage of exhilarating twists, Starlight’s End is a riveting science fiction space opera that’s perfect for fans of the genre. Scroll up and grab your copy today...
Genre: Fantasy
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