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Spite House by Thorne and Cross

WELCOME TO SPITE HOUSE There's an island up in Gold Country at the northern end of Snapdragon Lake. It's named Manchester for the family that owns it, but the locals call it Spite Island. There's a single lonely mansion on that island and a group of authors have been invited to write about its ghosts and its mysteries. But the real mystery is, who will survive this luxurious but deadly retreat? A Cursed House Not long after the Civil War, Ruthia and Solomon Manchester bought a lonely island in northern California where they built a magnificent home and a resort that became a renowned Gilded Age getaway. But the locals shunned the place, calling it Spite Island. They said it was cursed. Today, only Agnes Manchester and her companion occupy the property. Having fallen on hard times, Agnes has agreed to reopen the resort on the condition that she and her ancestral ghosts are undisturbed in their private home. Before renovations begin, she invites a group of authors to stay in the house and write about its history. As the guests explore the secrets of the mansion, they never suspect what awaits them in the shifting shadows. Spite House has deadly plans of its own ... PRAISE FOR THE SPITE HOUSE CHRONICLES “Thorne & Cross weave such delicious nightmares that you almost forget to be afraid. Almost. SPITE HOUSE may be their most terrifying delight yet.” -- Peter Atkins, Author of All Our Hearts are Ghosts, and Screenwriter of Hellraiser II-IV “What I always love … is that their glee is so apparent, their sheer joy of scaring the crap out of people … With SPITE HOUSE, I’m happily back in Tamara and Alistair Land once more.” -- Glen Hirshberg, author of Infinity Dreams and The Two Sams “As I raced through the pages of SPITE HOUSE, the first book in the trilogy, I realized that this is much more than a ghost story. Spite House itself brings to mind a predator with sharp talons that sink deeply into the flesh of the island and draw blood. My thoughts for those visitors? Get out while you still can. I can’t wait for book two!” -- QL Pearce, author of Spine Chillers and Scary Stories for Sleepovers
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