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Song of Echoes by R.E. Palmer

The tales told of an ancient terror, long believed destroyed. The tales were wrong. Toryn of Midwyche has never felt at home in Harlyn, but the toil of working in the fields is made bearable by stories of the realms beyond his reach. When rumors of the mythical creatures of old begin to rise anew, the villages are ordered to provide recruits to protect the fragile peace. On discovering a secret stain in his bloodline, Toryn is forced to flee before the truth hands him a death sentence. Far to the north, Elodi, the new leader of Harlyn, is struggling to defend her borders against the fierce clans of Nordruuk. But her plea for help fails to move the all-powerful Archon, who insists his armies stand ready for an imminent attack by the old enemy in the south. Journeying north in search of refuge, Toryn discovers the scar of evil runs right through the heart of the realms. And as Elodi confronts a new horror at the gates of her city, she fears her people now face an ancient enemy, long thought exiled from mortal lands... Download today and discover a world of magic, intrigue, and adventure! 'I find it rare for books published today to have that feel of classic epic fantasy, but the author R.E. Palmer perfectly captures the atmosphere of the fantasy stories of old.' The Lit Review - Jeremy Fee 'A series much like the Lord of the Rings. An epic tale of good versus evil. A story that spurs the imagination and keeps one reading far into the night.' Amazon Reviewer. 'The land, lore, and magic ushered me into a rich, wondrous new world I didn't want to leave. All in all, a truly epic read.' The Wood Between the Worlds.
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