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Shortcake by Christopher Gorham Calvin

A genetically engineered child with no memory of her past. A killer with dreams of destruction. And the fate of a city hanging in the balance… Enter a captivating world where science fiction and thrilling suspense converge. After plummeting from the roof of Helix Unbound, Amanda awakens to a life devoid of memories. Desperately longing to fit in, yet sensing she harbors an extraordinary secret beneath her seemingly ordinary facade, Amanda explores the unfamiliar world in an effort to find herself. And when a companion from her forgotten past becomes entangled in a serial killer’s deadly game, Amanda is thrust into a race against time to prevent a catastrophe of massive proportions. Can she unlock the innate abilities buried within her before disaster strikes? Will she rise up to protect the city she now calls home? And can she redeem the only soul who understands and embraces her for what she is? Join Amanda as she battles not only for her own destiny, but for the fate of an entire city. Dive into this gripping science fiction thriller that explores the emotional turmoil of life, resilience in the face of tragedy, the ever-present specter of death, and the eternal struggle to find the inherent goodness within us all. "Wonderfully imaginative..." -Amazon Review "A definite page turner..." -Amazon Review "Shortcake does not disappoint..." -Amazon Review “An engaging and captivating read” - Amazon Review “Keeps readers on the edge of their seats” - Amazon Review “Prepare yourself for an epic ride” -Amazon Review
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