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Diet, diet, diet! That sounds like a staple these days. Of course, everyone is on one diet or the other, but one feature that seems to be shared among these diets is that they don’t have a long-lasting effect. There is no doubt that if you look around you, you might be able to count five people who have gone on a diet in recent times and yet gained all the weight back with some extra lbs. as a souvenir. This says that either these people are intentionally not sticking to the diets or these diets are not sustainable. Studies have gone to show that the answer is most likely the former. One thing that has made these diets this way is the stringent nature of most of them. This is because their goal is rapid weight loss and not overall wellbeing. Nobody wants to live on 500 calories a day for the rest of their lives or have to eat the most boring foods humankind has ever come across every day to stay thin. This is why Anna Haynes, in this book, has brought an excellent solution to this problem. 150 Delicious Salads for Weight Loss brings you all manner of wholemeal salads that are delicious and easy to make while helping you lose weight and improve your fitness. Here you will find all manner of recipes that will help you lose weight with pleasure and yet not create any tension with other family members as you can eat them and not consider yourself deprived. So you’ll eat well and stay healthy!
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