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Of Kings and Thieves by Tiffany Hunt

To love a king, I will risk everything. I’ve abandoned my quest for the alicorn horn. And I’ve abandoned Col, the prince in exile who declared his love for me. Now it’s time to pick up the pieces of my heart and forget what could have been. But my fate is entangled with Col’s. Our bond has grown stronger, and I can no longer deny the magic surrounding our destinies. Through a connection no one expected, I return to him. Enemies are everywhere. Not only do we have to face orcs, monsters, and ruthless mage, but The Harrow himself. He will stop at nothing until Col is installed as a puppet king, and that includes using me as a pawn, and trying to hurt what I love most. But The Harrow underestimates me. I may be a lowly half-breed and a thief, but I will save the ones I love. Even if it means my life. Of Kings and Thieves is the conclusion of The Iron Raven Duet. It tells Col and Samara's story, and is a spicy fantasy romance with found family, heartbreak, intrigue, and heart-stopping action. There are more stories in the world, however, which continues with Of Monsters and Runes. This book is meant for adults 18 and over. It contains mature language, graphic violence, and explicit content with darker elements. Please check the author’s website for CW/TW.
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