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Oblivion’s Blade by Dylan McFadyen

Shaara never asked to be in charge. Since taking command of the mysterious AI warship Warden, and the eccentric mercenary company that calls him home, she’s only accepted jobs that let her conscience sleep at night. The trouble is, those jobs don’t pay too well. After more than a year of fighting for the downtrodden, the exploited, and the oppressed, the Wardens’ coffers are running dry. So when they get a suspicious but lucrative offer from a pariah republic on the fringe of galactic politics, Shaara ignores the warning voice in her head and accepts. Of course, the voice is right—it usually is. The contract takes the Wardens to the edges of explored space; there, in the vast darkness beyond the galactic core, a great and terrible force is gathering—a foe far deadlier than they’ve ever fought. The galaxy’s not ready to face it. Has Shaara saved them all from Gaeus Nemesis just to die another day? What’s more, this new enemy holds the key to another mystery. As they fight for their lives, Shaara and Corax are forced to ask themselves a question they hoped they’d never have to: How much do they really know about Warden? And can they trust him?
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