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Knights of Orion Citadel by Avalon O'Clair

An innocent young woman, unjustly sentenced to endure a monstrous curse. Three heroes, determined to set her free. But powerful enemies battle against them . . . . . . and time is running out. When Emma takes the life of an attacker in self-defense, his corrupt billionaire father will stop at nothing to exact his cruel revenge. Traumatized and alone, Emma must run for her life, her world reduced to a lonely nomadic existence of cheap motels and endless miles of highway, constantly on the move to evade the relentless danger that stalks her. She yearns for safety and a family to love—a place to call home. Cousins Ben and Chase Kincaid are hereditary Templar Knights, bound by oath and birthright to fight evil. When a mission goes awry and a courageous young woman comes out of nowhere to save the day, they’re shocked to discover that she’s as tangled up in the supernatural as they are. The valiant knights join forces with the angel Ashriel, and the three embark on a desperate quest to break Emma’s curse. Chase falls for the mysterious beauty, but will his wounds of the past—and her unique friendship with Ashriel—keep them apart? Meanwhile, the clock is ticking down to Emma’s heinous doom, but her protectors don’t know every step they take to help her only tightens the noose around her neck! Can they save her from a fate worse than death? WARNING: This urban fantasy is meant for an adult audience. Includes graphic violence, including death; mild language some might consider offensive; steamy, romantic sex; and a character with anxiety disorder. Reader’s Choice Official Review: 5 STARS ★★★★★ “What a fascinating story it is! In her debut novel, Avalon O’Clair demonstrates great skill and imagination...the keen dialogue throughout the story is remarkable and realistic to the individual characters; often tongue-in-cheek, slangily humorous, or vulgar as the situation dictates. In short, Knights of Orion Citadel - Illusion of Safety is a resounding success that will ultimately challenge the notoriety of several bestselling novels in the Urban Fantasy categories.”—Lex Allen. Official Review: 5 STARS ★★★★★ “Avalon O’Clair has created a story full of vivid detail. The character development is exceptional. Benjamin and Chase are born fighters, but their personalities are extreme opposites. Benjamin was an educated scholar who planned missions, while Chase was a man of action who would rush blindly into battle. I was in awe of Ashriel’s compassion for taking his vow as a guardian seriously. I felt sympathy for Emma’s desire to live a normal life. I have nothing negative to say about this suspenseful fantasy story. The fights against supernatural monsters, vengeance for fallen family members, and tension derived from romantic feelings fill every page. The plot is unpredictable with the multiple twists; however, the storyline is easy to follow. The ending of the book leaves an opening for a sequel that I am eager to read. I rate Knig
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