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A new, but powerful, Sand Master. A Young Queen. Their fight to save the desert. Keegan believes Tana is finally safe, but Valneer is a sinister threat still looming on the horizon. He has hatched a malevolent scheme to take control of Heimat Draz and plunge it into his darkness. As Keegan’s world is shattered by Valneer’s resurgence, Keegan becomes desperate to protect those he loves. Meanwhile Tana discovers an ancient secret within herself–a dormant power she never imagined possessing. But will it be enough to defeat Valneer’s evil and protect the lives of those she cares about most? While Tana grapples with her potential, Keegan’s own journey of self-awareness unfurls. Secrets concealed for years begin to unravel, revealing his true lineage and the enigmatic origins of his parents. As Keegan faces the truth of his heritage, he must confront the challenges posed by Valneer’s threat and his own identity. Will he be able to protect Tana, his family, and the people he loves across Sandig Skaa? Will they even want him to? Into the Den is a rich tapestry of magic, love, and inner strength, woven across threads of self-discovery, choice, and determination. The fight for all six kingdoms continues, and the stakes have never been higher. This is the exciting Book 2 in the Sandig Skaa Chronicles, a series of fantasy adventure with slow-burn, sweet romance and no spice, great for fans of books by authors like K.M. Shea or Tara Grayce. ★★★★★ "One chapter leads to another one--it really doesn’t give me much time to stop because I need to find out what’s going to happen next!"
Genre: Fantasy
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