It was a simple job... But now the client’s dead… And they're left with both the bill and the blame. Arakosha is an outsider. An outcast cursed by the gods for a crime she didn’t commit. Cursing her has only motivated her, helping her to develop her talents at infusing masks with powerful enchantments. Yet what would happen if one of the crew found out what she was? Say, her best friend who happens to also be a demigod. How can their friendship survive if all he knows of her is the mask she wears? Arakosha does NOT have time for this. The bill's coming due and worse still, an enigmatic cult wants the relic and they're willing to kill for it. With pressure mounting, she and the crew have to find a way to stay financially afloat and alive. The solution? Another, even bigger and more dangerous, heist of course! With a new heist, comes a new target: One Gharus Karn, the gangster who would be a god. All they have to do is somehow sneak in, do a little thieving, use a little stealth and they’re home free. What could go wrong? Definitely not uncovering a horrifying plot or anything… You’ll love this urban sci-fi adventure inspired by the cyberpunk genre and infused with unique spiritual traditions, because who doesn't love immersive worldbuilding!
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: