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House Made of Sound by Freeman Jayce

“A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE TO HEAVEN, HELL, AND BACK ... HOUSE MADE OF SOUND IS A HIT!" – Independent Book Review World-famous rock star Hedley Grange has a million-dollar secret: the location of House Made of Sound, his band’s unreleased third album. Whoever finds it will become extremely rich, but there’s just one problem … Hedley Grange is deader than disco, and no one seems to know where he hid it before passing on. Enter record label executive Jensen Bennett, who just so happens to find himself with an extended layover in the afterlife courtesy of a rickety 747 past its prime. Before a doctor vacationing near the crash site can bring him back to life, Jensen vows to find an elusive Grange in the spirit world to discover the whereabouts of the missing album and collect on the label’s five-million-dollar finder’s fee – more than enough to get his life back on track and lay his personal demons to rest. But his adventures through the beautiful heights and terrifying depths of the hereafter, and the enigmatic young woman he meets along the way, will conspire to test everything he knows about life and what he truly wants from it.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: