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DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT AND BUILD MUSCLE FAST, STARTING RIGHT NOW? THIS BOOK WILL LET YOU IN ON THE SECRET! Everyone knows how important it is to maintain a healthy physique. Often, achieving the ideal body requires you to lose weight and build lean muscle. But how do you do that? To become physically fit, you need to have the knowledge necessary to get you on your way and the motivation required to keep you going. Don’t you wish that you can get your hands on an ultimate fitness guide so that you could start understanding your body’s needs, lose weight, and stay motivated? Well, I’ve got good news for you. This book will teach you how your body works and what it needs to lose those extra pounds so that you could achieve and maintain a fit and toned physique. Here’s what this book has in store for you: Learn how your body uses calories and what role carbohydrates play in your weight Discover which foods contain good fats and lean protein that could benefit your body Determine what your meal frequency and caloric intake should be Know which exercises you should do to get that toned and sculpted look PLUS: Alternative exercise options Delicious muscle-building recipes Effective natural supplements You will never be able to get a fitness guide as comprehensive as this book anywhere else. With the knowledge you will gain from this book, you will be on your way to getting the amazing body that you want! Act right now, and do not delay. Get the results you want immediately! SCROLL UP AND DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY! 2 BOOKS IN 1 SO YOU’VE BEEN EATING HEALTHY AND WORKING OUT TO ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS, BUT DO YOU FEEL AS IF YOU NEED A GREATER BOOST IN YOUR NUTRITION? DO YOU THINK THAT WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WHAT YOU’RE CONSUMING ARE JUST NOT ENOUGH? Most men dream of having a sculpted physique that simply screams “Alpha Male.” But sometimes, gaining lean muscle is not as simple as a healthy diet and a regular workout regimen. Often, you need a bigger boost to help you achieve your fitness goals. The good news is that you can get that boost you need through supplementation, and this book can show you how! Many men have become wary of taking supplements. It’s no wonder that people have become cautious because there are indeed some supplements that overpromise but under deliver. When the market is saturated with countless supplements, it is difficult to make an informed decision… until now! This book has everything you need to know about the proper supplements to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Here is what this book will help you learn: Ranking the top 10 supplements for men The benefits of each of these supplements Proper dosage to get the optimum results Safety precautions to avoid any side effects Not only that, you can have the guidance you need for the following: Choosing the right multivitamins The most important minerals to look for Additional substances that promote men’s health The best supplements for endurance and stamina How to boost testosterone How to stack supplements for optimum results The top 5 overlooked supplements The top 20 natural supplements How to improve insulin sensitivity And much more! BONUS INCLUDED: The 60 Rules of Body Building *Please note, each book in this bundle is a 4th Edition copy. For the full edition each book needs to be purchased individually
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