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Fires Above, Heroes Below by Dan Michaelson

When all seems lost, a young man discovers the untapped power within himself. The Dragon's Dawn series begins. Laric Mason has long evaded the grand expectations set before him by his grandmother. Engaged in the rudimentary spellslips and basics of mage magic at his local school, he intentionally conceals his true abilities. Public recognition would only bring unwanted responsibility and the threat of a transfer to the prestigious Mage Academy. When a devastating dragon assault from the neighboring realm of Korthal lays waste to his village, Laric's world is turned upside down. With his home in ruins and his loved ones lost, he and his friends are all that stand against further invasions. Faced with the need for a hero, Laric must decide if he will embrace the power he has shied away from all his life. To defend his remaining world and challenge the dragon threat, Laric must do the one thing he has always avoided. He must try. Dragon's Dawn begins an exciting dragon rider fantasy series by bestsellers D.K. Holmberg and Dan Michaelson.
Genre: Fantasy
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