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Fire on the Mountain by Saul Tanpepper

A CONVICTED MURDERER. A TEENAGER ORPHANED BY WILDFIRE. THEIR ONLY CHANCE OF SURVIVAL IS TO WORK TOGETHER. Former Army Ranger and combat field medic Zander Hollis is three years into a 7-year murder sentence. He's up for parole, but someone doesn't want him to get out. While building firebreaks to protect the prison, Zander encounters Willa, a feisty and fiercely independent fourteen-year-old who takes no guff. After a flash burn forces them together, they must fight both nature and evil to survive. But first they'll have to survive each other. This gripping natural and manmade disaster survival series is full of heart and heart racing thrills. *********************************** Fire on the Mountain is the first book in the visionary survival thriller series SCORCHED EARTH, a near-future, climate fiction "what-if" that's both mystery and hard-hitting suspense thriller. In this first 4-book series of the CLIMATE COLLAPSE disaster survival sequence, best-selling post-apocalyptic author Saul Tanpepper focuses the story on the residents of a small rural Northern California community struggling to survive devastating wildfires. But as rapidly accelerating global warming further destabilizes the climate in the American Pacific Northwest, will it trigger a catastrophic cascade that threatens to spread to the rest of the world? For fans of T.L. Payne, Kyla Stone, Ryan Schow, Grace Hamilton, Frank Horton, and A. American. * * Recommended for readers 16+ for moderate situational language and violence. * * LOOK FOR THE FOLLOWING SCORCHED EARTH TITLES, AVAILABLE NOW OR ON PRE-ORDER: Fire on the Mountain Run Boy Run The Devil's House The Rising Son CURRENT AND FUTURE SERIES IN THE CLIMATE COLLAPSE DISASTER SURVIVAL SEQUENCE INCLUDE: SCORCHED EARTH DROWNED EARTH FRACTURED EARTH SCHROUDED EARTH FROZEN EARTH Saul Tanpepper is the author of the popular post-apocalyptic survival series BUNKER 12, and its companion thriller series, THE FLENSE, which detail the run-up to, and the consequences of, a deadly global pandemic and the people behind it. He is also an award-winning writer of climate fiction.
Genre: Fantasy
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