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Fire Fury Frontier by Amanda Rose

First Place Winner of the 2023 FIREBIRD Book Awards in the Space Opera Category! 2023 Finalist in the Global Book Awards! The 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION of this Harrowing Bestselling Award Winning Space Opera! One ship, one last chance to survive… Humanity’s home world has been destroyed from extensive global warming. For over two hundred years the last remaining humans have lived in space aboard a single massive ship, the Saisei. After generations in space, living aboard a ship is all anyone has ever known. But space is an inhospitable home. The ship is old and damaged, rations are low, and a planet fit for colonization has never been found. In the vast expanse of space, as the Saisei makes way to resupply their ship, they stumble upon a discovery that will change the course of human history forever. Fire Fury Frontier is the Prequel to this book
Genre: Science Fiction Science Fiction
#Colonization #ScienceFiction
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