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Embers of Dusk by D.G. Roberts

Adelyn is half human, half aradyne–a race lost to time after inciting war–but she is no less human for it. After her world is thrown into chaos when an unthinkable tragedy shatters her heart, she is forced to seek answers in Parallim, but is met with only rumor. With an unsatisfied answer, she travels across the sea with her two friends to the city of Markalla. However, her search for closure ends in shocking revelation, and a darkness within leads her to make a personal choice that could forever change her. Meanwhile, the wizard Alistair and his captains, who parted ways with Adelyn in Parallim, seek the council of the queen of Valero with dire information. But their journey holds troubling secrets of its own, as they uncover the forces behind the impending war, and of a darkness that now engulfs the world of Era’Nyn. Join Adelyn and Alistair as the Embers of Dusk fall on the beginnings of their tale, in Book One of the Lost Light of Era’Nyn trilogy.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: