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Dragon Bone Ridge by L. Darby Gibbs

In a world where dreams weave reality and dragons present unyielding demands, Maribelle finds herself entangled in an extraordinary quest that could unravel her very sanity. Dragons can be so demanding at times, even those stuck in stone. Yet Maribelle's already overflowing life has no room for such extraordinary burdens. Her hands are full managing the family store and warding off the nosy townsfolk, leaving no time for a man in her life, let alone a dragon seeking liberation from its stony prison. The last thing she needs is to add searching for dragon parts to her to-do list, risking her sanity in the process. But fate has other plans when the enigmatic dragon, Nyle, invades her dreams, demanding her unwavering aid. Nyle's desperation knows no bounds. After years of waiting for someone to slumber near him on a solstice day and pledge to restore him to flesh and blood, he won't let Maribelle's dreams of a peaceful future stand in his way. As she grapples with Nyle's insistent presence and her yearning for a life untouched by mythical quests, Maribelle faces an unexpected twist. A man enters her life, tempting her to slow down and savor the moments, even as she conceals her secret dragon quest. But secrets can only remain buried for so long. The more Maribelle strives to conceal her endeavors, the more family secrets claw their way to the surface, threatening to unravel everything she holds dear. Maribelle's journey becomes a precarious dance between reality and illusion. As dreams and dragons intermingle, she must confront her own desires, question her motives, and contemplate whether helping Nyle will, in turn, help herself. Buy this romantic tangled quest, Book 2 in the Solstice Dragon World standalone novels because dreams are tricky and dragons trickier.
Genre: Fantasy
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