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Do-Overs by Jon Spoelstra

He said yes. It was a trip he had to take. He was getting a real-life do-over. He couldn’t mess it up this time. Roy Hobbs is a big-time newspaper reporter who blew the cash windfall from his best-seller book. Gone was his money, and then somebody murdered his wife. They never caught the killer. Then, a weird stranger makes him a bizarre offer. The stranger offers to pay Roy the same money as his best-seller book if Roy would write a book for the stranger, who might be the sole reader of the book. Roy must decide before he knows the subject. Yes, weird. Roy’s choices: take the last-chance big payday or walk away from that nutcase? Roy chooses big money, and his life hurls into a dimension he could have never imagined. He faces the wickedest do-over that could re-purpose his life in stunning ways. Could he truly have do-overs on his biggest mistakes in life? Would he make those same mistakes again, this time knowing the consequences? Could a do-over allow him to rescue his wife? Roy Hobbs wouldn’t be writing this strange new book, he’d be living it. This is a love story that continues to delight. And scare. If you tire of time travel stories where somebody goes back in time to kill Hitler or another Scottish time travel yarn, you’ll like this story because it deals with people facing real challenges and real opportunities for the elusive do-over in a time-travel world. Yes, this is a trip you should take. You won’t guess the twists and turns, and probably not even the final destination, but you’ll certainly have fun. Take the trip today. What readers say ★★★★★ “This is just a fun read that is love story, sci-fi, fantasy, time travel, and mystery wrapped in a neat package.” ★★★★★ “I felt totally immersed in the story; the characters and the plot made me lost in the fiction.” ★★★★★ “There were plenty of plot twists that I didn’t see coming and that added to the book’s mystique.” ★★★★★“Do-Overs sizzles with time travel adventure, love, mistakes, do-overs and twists that you won’t see coming, but will love.”
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