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Dead Again by Holly Copella

After barely surviving a murderous attack, a young woman believes a cold-hearted cattle rancher holds clues to what happened. After the murder of her mother in an attack that nearly claimed her life as well, Sage Remington believes moving to the country with her sister will heal her emotional scars. Sage’s near death experience leaves her with memory loss surrounding that fateful night. A bizarre encounter with an infamous cattle rancher, Jackson Morgan, brings back fragments of Sage’s lost memory. If she wants to piece together what happened to her mother, Sage needs to get closer to Jackson, who somehow holds the clues. Unfortunately, discovering Jackson’s secrets opens the door to a whole other world where nothing is what it seems. Dead Again is a time-travel thriller containing some scenes of violence, mild gore, moderate foul language, and intense sexual situations. Holly Copella books do not contain graphic sex scenes.
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