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Running from a murderous vampire while on a business trip? I don’t think I packed the right shoes for this. I’m done being a witch. My magical training has brought me nothing but failure. My spellcraft supply store was a flop, my pet bat puts a serious cramp in my dating style, and my social life’s a joke. It seems my peers would rather go out to brunch than help me add eye of newt to my cauldron. It’s time for me to live a “normal” life—and what’s more normal than taking a job with a big company and going on a business trip? I expect my days out west to include boring PR intern stuff: You know, meetings, phone calls, emails. Not a gorgeous billionaire, a murder mystery… and hand-to-hand combat with an outlaw vampire. It looks like my magical training might just come in handy after all. It’s time to dust off my spellbook, call on old coven members, and yes, ask my feisty bat for some help. Desperate times call for desperate witches. Read the complete Cupid's Curse Mystery series in one binge-worthy collection! Book #1: Desperate House Witches Book #2: Grimoire Girls Book #3: Heart of Pixie
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