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Black Rain: Book One by Raven Mills

An old woman named Amira recalls the beginnings of her journey when she is whisked away from her home in Cameroon to become a slave in Colonized America with her close friend Anikah. She is indoctrinated and forced to forget her old ways over the eight years of service on plantations. She learns to survive in a world that is not her own. However, destiny calls when she is crosses paths with an Azteco Spirit Warrior named Rain, and his beaver friend, Schemer. Knowing the dangers, Amira finds liberation through magic and mystery and living among the Azteco people. She is forced to question her beliefs and confront her past as her life becomes intertwined with the gods who are vicariously puppeteering from their divine plane. Ever since they fled the sword and iron fist of White Men, a surviving tribe of Aztecs has lived in peace for centuries. But when the young tribesman Rain becomes a man and earns the right to explore the forbidden forest beyond the tribal territory, what he finds will shake him to his core. It’s a white man’s city with bustling boulevards and towering mansions; a whole separate world just through the wilds. Have the tribal elders known about this city all along? With his startling discovery, Rain is forced to question everything he thought he knew. In a tale that combines the historical with the fantastical, Amira will discover her power within to escape the death grip of slavery. Rain will realize just how easily generations of tribal peace can be broken. But thanks to spirit animals, which allow their human counterparts to communicate regardless of language, Rain still has a chance to save his people and unravel the dark mysteries of the city ruled by white men. Amira will find her warrior spirit once again. He might even succeed—or so it seems at first. The crossing of these two worlds brings about an ancient Aztec prophecy, one not seen since Rain’s ancestors were nearly wiped out. And a dire message from an ancient god can only mean one thing: the Azteco battle for survival has only just begun.
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