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Auctioned for Her Blood by Mara Leigh

Danger and passion lurk after dark There's a secret in my blood. My mother died, protecting me from dark magic, so I've never gone outside after night falls. But I can't live like this anymore. I won’t die alone and a virgin. First time out at night, I land on an auction block where two wealthy and powerful men bid their fortunes for one night with me. I'm drawn to both the cultured intellect and the dangerous bad boy, both mind-blowingly handsome and sexy. But the men turn out to be powerful vampires, and I'm whisked into a glamorous world of wild creatures, dark secrets and darker desires. With them, I’m trapped in a supernatural prison where every convict craves my body and blood. I'm falling for both vampires, and know the secrets deep inside me are going to come out. All I can do is trust these men to protect me from other creatures that will do anything to devour me. Auctioned for Her Blood is Book 1 of The Vampires' Illuminant series. Expect a steamy, exciting story, where the men love the heroine so much they're willing to share.
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