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Analytics - Business Intelligence, Algorithms and Statistical Analysis In today’s world, analysis has become an extremely important aspect to consider when you are thinking of starting any new line of business or even when it comes to purchasing a new house. The unfortunate fact is that not many people know what analysis is all about. They tend to assume that each of the elements – analysis, business intelligence, algorithms and statistical analysis – are different entities when in reality they are all interlinked. This book will help you gather a greater insight on all the elements. And you will gain an in-depth knowledge on each of these elements in different parts of the book; helping you to increase your knowledge and widen your horizons! Here’s what is covered: Analytics 101 – including the challenges and risks The Types of Analytics – Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics Integrating Business and Analytics – Chose the right Data and Analytics Business Analytics Technology – The top emerging technologies, tools and trends Predictive Analytics – 101 Exploring Data Types Associated Techniques Business Intelligence 101 Business Intelligence Infrastructure – Benefits and how to use it How to use the Business Intelligence Infrastructure The Benefits of Business Intelligence Data Mining Data Integration – Including the Value and Benefits Data Visualization Best Algorithms for Analytics –C4.5, K-Means and Support Vector Machines Statistical Analysis 101 Data Mining Tools Machine Learning Varieties of Machine Learning Uses of Machine Learning Big Data Analytics Artificial Intelligence and Data Science including – Artificial Intelligence 101 Data Science An Introduction to R And Much More… Scroll up to download your copy today!
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