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Harvey fell asleep as a successful surgeon and awoke as a baby in a strange world with magic. He’d been color-blind before, but now he Is straight-up blind.

Jorde has enjoyed peace for hundreds of cycles. The invention of protective domes has kept the beasts at bay. Sadly, this peace comes at a cost. The cultivators in Jorde, protectors of the Cardinals, have dulled their weapons. The peace HAS weakened them, and the Elemental beasts in the wildlands are rising again.

Despite being reborn to a commoner of meager means, Harvey, now Zaeris, has never been happier. He may be blind, but he can wield the Elements. He is stronger than humanly possible. Best of all, he has all his memories from Earth. Magic and science create wonders, and Zaeris would test the limits of magic on Jorde. He had reached the top of his field on Earth. Now, all he wants is to live quietly, making potions. It seems, however, that the quiet life is not for everyone. How long can he hide his capabilities? Will Master Cultivators in Jorde accept a Noname alchemist? Will the Elemental Beasts allow him to achieve his dreams?

Genre: Fantasy
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