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70+ Mouth Watering Recipes for wonderfully wood-fired flavor Smoked & Grilled BBQ The book covers; Chicken Recipes Game Recipes Red Meat Recipes Pork Recipes Seafood Recipes Vegetable Recipes And so much more! What you will learn more about: A how-to guide that covers everything from getting your wood pellet grill to preparing for a heated grilling game! Different types of wood you can use in the grill, what wood that goes best with what meat. Benefits of using a wood smoker grill vs other grills. Grill mops, e.g, silicone vs cotton mops, and the pros and cons of using each one. Safety tips to think about when it comes to using the grill. The differences between using a sauce vs a rub for your meat. •Cleaning tips when it comes to cleaning your wood pellet smoker grill. And so much more! Can’t really beat home cooked meals right? Is it finally time to take action and surprise your family and friends?
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