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Embedded within the human body are the codes of nature, creation, and magic. This book dives deeply into the codes of women, as women are naturally in-sync with the rhythm of life through her monthly menstrual cycle. Within these pages, there are empowerment tools and practices for women who have a menstrual cycle, and for her partner, so he can better understand how to navigate and attune to her sacred cycle-- for relationship harmony, connection, balance, and true intimacy. For Men: These Womb Codes provide you with a map for learning your partner’s cycle. You will journey along side her, encouraging her to know herself more deeply as well, and participating in practices that deepen your connection. For Women: Womb Codes for Spiritual Intimacy can also be read independently from relationship, serving as a guidebook for deepening into your self-realization and self-care practices, your “self-intimacy”. This guidebook provides you with rituals, rites, and practices for your self-love, as well as an in-depth exploration of your personal menstrual cycle. Go up and click Read Now or Buy Now to access this guidebook of fusion of Pagan ritual, Buddhist teachings, Taoist wisdom, and Tantra practices.
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