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Wolf Company by Dan Weber

In the epic fantasy world of Ethrynn, Elves, Dwarves, and humans unite against the powerful, magic-wielding Druids. Accused of annihilating cities and abducting citizens, the Druids face the wrath of the Unified Coalition of Races. Leading the charge is Kadis Blackburn, an Elvish platoon sergeant in Wolf Company. When an ambush cuts off communication with the rest of his unit, Kadis must decide whether to advance into enemy territory or retreat. The Druids’ shapeshifting abilities and claims of seeking peace complicate the mission, especially when a captured Druid reveals a shocking truth: someone else might be behind the devastation, wielding unprecedented magic. As Kadis and his diverse platoon venture deeper into the unknown, they encounter relentless enemies, treacherous landscapes, and an unfolding mystery that challenges everything they believe. With the fate of Ethrynn hanging in the balance, the soldiers of Wolf Company must uncover the true enemy before it’s too late. Packed with riveting battles, complex characters, and a twist-laden plot, Wolf Company is a thrilling journey into a world where magic and military strategy collide. Dive into the intrigue and uncover the secrets that lie within Ethrynn’s darkest corners.
Genre: Fantasy
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