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Under quarantine, a gripping story thanks to a dynamic narrative and the topicality of the issues involved. Paolo Cuciniello, a young Italian engineer, tells of his experience of quarantine in China, where he graduated in engineering and currently lives. The aspects of everyday life of the months spent in isolation emerge as the narrative develops: the rigour in observing the rules, the worry for the spread of the infection, but also the ability to eke out moments of happiness. In the story, the author probes the remotest corners of his soul and does so with the wisdom and sensitivity of someone who, freed from the restrictions of the mind, feels at peace and free. He is guided by Siddhartha. Paolo Cuciniello takes the reader by the hand on a trip to discover his world, his sentiments and the most profound and spiritual aspects of his nature. Coral, his great love, is part of the journey. "Coral is my family now" writes Paolo, who feels an ardent desire to take care of the people he loves from afar, his family of origin, and who continues to preserve a little bit of Italy, even in China.
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