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Do you believe in magic or voodoo religion? Do you want to know about the ancient culture and customs or rituals of the inhabitants of the Carpathian Mountains? This book is for you! This book will allow you to plunge into the ancient history of the Hutsuls (the people who inhabited the territory of modern Western Ukraine), to study their way of life, traditions, Carpathian folklore, and spiritual culture. You will get acquainted with the ancient healing rituals and werewolf spells used by the peoples who inhabited the territory of modern Western Ukraine in ancient times. Some of these traditions, black magic voodoo rituals, and cults have survived today. You will see the rich inner world of Ukrainians; their beliefs and rituals have a deep connection with nature, its cycles, and phenomena. The book of voodoo will help you enrich yourself spiritually and culturally. Some rituals and spells have not lost their relevance today. Witchcraft, sorcery, or, in modern terms, extrasensory, are subject to close and objective study as a strange psychological phenomenon. This publication is a unique study of the dark Carpathian magic and supernatural skills of Hutsul mages-"molfars." They're the carriers of the ancient knowledge of the servants of a pagan religious cult – the Magicians. Based on historical, mythological, and ethnographic material, the author reveals little-known aspects of the magic art of Hutsul "molfars," which is still preserved today in the Carpathians. ⚠Are you ready to expand your imagination? Click the BUY NOW button!
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