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Standalone Contemporary Romance Georgia billionaire heiress, Emma Devereaux's mundane existence is about to change. Heading to New York City after discovering that her sister was arrested and brought up on murder charges, Emma is bound and determined to uncover the truth--even though she isn't exactly qualified to lead a murder investigation. But help is at hand in the form of the handsome, former military man Jace Lance, who happens to be the one who got her sister arrested in the first place. Knowing that the sexy southerner is in over her head, Jace agrees to help her. But Jace has a secret of his own. He was hired by her calculating, tycoon cousins to keep Emma from discovering the truth about her sister's murderous actions. As they get closer to finding the truth, the danger intensifies while the heat between them inflames. Hellbent on protecting her, Jace will do whatever it takes to save her--even if it means hurting her in the process.
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