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Too Close To Home by Maggie Shaw

She’s a time cop sworn to uphold the law. But when her sister is murdered, all bets are off. I love my life, especially my job. Hop through time. Catch criminals. Badass, right? The NYPD is my second family. I swore loyalty to my team, and to uphold the law, because rules keep the system safe. I protect that system at all costs. Until my sister is murdered. No one will tell me how, why, or who. Something doesn’t add up. The sudden and brutal loss changes everything, and I’ll break every damn rule to right this wrong. So, I jump back in time to save her. An illegal act that puts a target on my back. It’s a race through time as New York’s finest hunt me like I’m Enemy Number One. My only hope is a British ex-con. Geoff time-hopped backwards and paid the price—a prison sentence. I know I’ll suffer the same fate, if they don’t kill me first. But I’ll do whatever it takes to save my sister, even if it costs me my life. *** This is a slow burn, action packed, Urban Fantasy with a sci-fi twist. Author Note: This was originally published under the pen name of Tamsin Baker and has been rebranded.
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