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Tongued & Teased by Mila Frost

Everyone has a reason for joining the Moltov-Human mating system. Some do it for wealth, some do it for endless pleasure, but I just want to find a love that lasts forever. Over two centuries ago the Moltovs came to Earth. We thought it was an invasion, but they were a peaceful race. All they wanted were humans. There was a need inside of them that burned hot and deep, a fire that consumed their soul when they found their perfect match. On Earth, I've been ditched at the altar. Twice. All before I’m twenty-seven. But this time when my fiancé leaves me for a bridesmaid, I’m leaving, too. Leaving behind this planet, these men, and all these bad memories. My Moltov mate, Xavik, has a special adaption for his race. And all the things I’ve been missing from my human lovers, I find in him. He has a tongue that drives me wild and after our first night together, I will never look back on what I’ve left behind. Tongued & Teased is a steamy science fiction alien romance short story that will curl your toes. Each book in The Moltov Pleasure Aliens series can be read as a standalone, but please note that these are meant for mature audiences only. Happily ever after guaranteed!
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