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Mages are extinct and spellcasting is outlawed. Heroism is a corporate endeavor choked with red tape, contracts, and cutthroat sponsorships. Space travel is readily available, though it’s an industry fueled by the enslavement of an entire species. None of that matters to Kaleb Kildash. His greatest concern is saving his village from the demon lurking in a nearby forest, but when he hitches a ride into space with a group of professional adventurers, his life, as well as the fate of every planet, are changed forever. A monster that feeds on sanity, an uncharted planet, goblin pirates, and the spirit of an ancient wizard are only the beginning of Kaleb’s journey through the void. Old feuds will be unearthed, forgotten legacies awakened, and undying love will consume a young man’s quest for purpose. (The Wizard and the Witch Queen Book I / Part I)
Genre: Fantasy Fantasy
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