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The Sugar by Judy Ramirez

Experience declares that man is the only animal which devours his own kind. Jolene is something called a Sugar: a line-bred human created to provide the sweetest meat to a subspecies of cannibalistic humanoids called the Devourers. But one day, when Jolene escapes her compound, she discovers she isn't like the other Sugars, being she was created for pleasure: in other words, Jolene is a living, breathing drug because of an overproduction of adrenochrome in her body. Jolene's pain gives a euphoric high unlike any other. Then there's Maxwell, an excommunicated Devourer with an insatiable appetite, a troubled past, and a bit of a drug problem who takes it upon himself to track Jolene so he may have a Sugar of his own. But stealing Jolene won't heal the wounds in his heart or cover the scars of his childhood as a Devourer... WARNING: THE SUGAR IS AN EXTREME HORROR NOVEL. PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION.
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