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The Sperm King by William Mesusan

By the year 2050, the not-too-distant future, humanity is the most endagered species on Earth! Clay Roberts lives in a world tragically reduced by debilitating infertility and the catastrophic effects of climate change. Mandatory sperm testing by Government (a totalitarian regime) identifies Clay as one of the most fertile young men on the planet. His wannabe fertility agent, Hank Gallagher, dubs him The Sperm King; but, Clay agonizes over whether his precious, potent gift should help save the most threatened species on earth, or if he should hasten humanity’s demise because he holds it responsible for the criminal destruction of our planet. Everyone wants a piece of Clay: major Sperm Banks offer flexible working conditions, the National Fertility Service appeals to his sense of patriotism, wealthy sperm vendor Hishiro Tanaka makes him an unbelievable offer, eco-activist Lynne Lee wants him to join the Plastic People’s Sanctuary Movement, the Endgame Brotherhood urges him to help extinguish the human race, and the armed and dangerous Copulation Cartels are coming after him. Clay is definitely out of his comfort zone!
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