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Two girls. Two lives. One soul. Long before her time was supposed to be up, Hannah finds herself in the Loom, the place where souls are woven into the life they must live next. Except Hannah wasn’t ready to leave her old life. Nor was she ready to leave Matthew… As the weaving takes place, Hannah fights to hold onto a part of herself, knowing it’s the only way to solve the mystery of her death. Her memories are her link to the boy who tried to save her. Her last hope of ever finding him again. In a faraway city, Lin is born. As she grows, her dreams become haunted by faces of people she’s never met. Of a boy her soul aches to be with again. But she also has a life of her own. And when a stranger called Reinier seeks her out, her heart is torn in two. Lin must decide if she follows the thread that’s tugging her toward the life she shouldn’t remember, or if she weaves herself a new life. Winner of RWA’s Emerald Pro Award, lovers of Outlander and The Time Traveler’s Wife will be spellbound by this story of love through the ages. Grab your copy now.
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