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The Sense of Time by Bryce Lee

The year is 2130, a future where the United States of America has collapsed, leaving behind fifty individual countries. DyneCorp, a cutting-edge weapons manufacturer, keeps the world in a constant state of war. Alaskan veteran Liam Pierce is drowning his memories of lost friends in alcohol when an enigmatic woman approaches him with a job, but she's vague about what it entails. It is soon revealed to Liam that he has an innate ability to manipulate time, and he quickly finds himself on the losing end of a secret war—Liam and his new allies are being hunted. The group escapes into the past and sails on their 17th century ship to a hidden sanctuary in South America. Liam is asked to take up arms again, but he plans to use his gift to save the friends he's lost. But will he get the chance?
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