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The law of attraction is the belief that our thoughts and feelings attract things and experiences that will bring us closer to the type of life we want. The law of attraction can be used to manifest the things and experiences we want in our lives, such as relationships, jobs, and more. The law of attraction can also be used to improve the things we already have in our lives, such as increased income, better health, and a more peaceful life. The law of attraction is a powerful tool, which can be used to bring about the most positive changes in our lives. One can learn mind control in Hypnotherapy books, books on the law of attraction, as well as in books about meditation for beginners. In this new book by Bruce Goldwell, he covers subjects such as affirmations for women, the Silva Mind Control Method, and how to convince the subconscious mind to manifest whatever you desire through sleep hypnosis and meditation. Best Selling Authors Endorsements "Everybody sells books about the SECRETS to SUCCESS. Bruce has written a book that is a simple, step-by-step way to have more of what you want in your life. Bruce shares with us that, Success is not a's a SYSTEM!" - Barry Spilchuk, Co-author "A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul” "In this remarkable book, Bruce offers you a simple process that will help you overcome your fears and is an easy-to-follow process to become a super achiever. As you apply the principles found in this book in your life today, your DREAMS will soon become your REALITY!" - Jill Lublin, Best-Selling Author and International Speaker, Networking Magic "Guerrilla Publicity" and "Networking Magic" Chapters: Reprogram your mind Embrace Positive Vibrations Release Fear Plant the Seed of Your Dream Be Surrounded By Your Answer Open Up To New Possibilities Raise Your Vibration Silva Method Mind Control
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