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Build trust, successfully close the sale and start selling like crazy. There is nothing worse than a failed sales closure. You spend a lot of time getting the customer, setting up a meeting, and then having a great sales conversation. Then what? Another "no" for the collection. Another rejection. But what's the point? You know your offer inside out and you know exactly what your client needs. You carefully explain your offer to him/her, and the result is that he/she refuses once again, or needs to think about it. Such a course of events is greatly influenced by the quality of conducted research of customer needs. Don't worry! This is the problem of many salespeople and, in addition, you have just found a solution. I have been working in sales for more than a dozen years. I have held thousands of sales meetings and made even more phone calls to customers. I know this problem inside out and I know exactly how to deal with it. A MASTERFUL CUSTOMER NEEDS ASSESSMENT. HOW TO QUICKLY INCREASE SELLING EFFECTIVENESS: - you will master knowledge in a very short time, which would normally take years to gain - you will learn how to build your professional image even during the first sales conversation - you will begin to successfully apply techniques that allow you to win new contracts - you will learn what the best salespeople do, and how they get better results than their colleagues - you will learn the most effective methods of researching customer needs - you will easily deal with a difficult customer, for whom only the lowest price counts - you will save a lot of time, stress, and unnecessary emotions - you will gain a new desire to take action, and increase your confidence in the field of customer research SELLING IS SIMPLE! READ IT NOW AND INCREASE YOUR SELLING EFFECTIVENESS!
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